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While I am fairly happy with my current campaign (a hodgepodge of Arabian Night's flavoured D&D stuff played with MiniSix) I am always on the lookout for some minimalistic ruleset to adopt for my next game.

Knowing very well that "just reading" a core book does not really gives you much of a clue of what could happen at the table, I adopted the following modus operandi: the current campaign (played online) has me as GM and three friends as players.
Sometimes one of the players cannot be present - if I know of this well in advance I started using these "skipped" sessions to play-test a new game.

Here is the current list, in chronological order. (My hope is to gradually fill up each entry with a fully developed mini-review)

Cepheus Quantum [dtRPG]
Tiny Gunslingers [dtRPG] [Review]
Now Ultra [dtRPG]
Sprawl Goons [dtRPG] [Review]