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“The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack,
toughen the body,
and polish the spirit.”

Morihei Ueshiba

Aikidō means Way of Spiritual Harmony.

I started studying it in September 1989 and I maintained a steady regimen of three lessons/week for the whole time.

a few seminars here and there.

I am currently a 3° Dan black belt in a style which is strongly influenced by
Iwama Ryu. The style emphasises building correct and powerful techniques first, by practicing in a very slow and controlled manner, and then move progressively to more fluid and quicker movements. As such, I find it fascinatingly close to how ShoDo is practiced.

I don't think I will write much about Aikido here, I am surely not in the position to teach others about the technical aspects, and moreover, the "value" in Aikido is practicing it, not reading about it or watching pictures.

You can learn more about my sensei (Renato Visentini, who has been my teacher since day one) and the dojo where I started my practice
here (in Italian).

Update: In June 2014 I moved to Germany due to business reasons, but before deciding to do that I made sure that I could find a place where I could keep training.
I am now a member of the
Traditionelle Aikido Schule in Rostock: despite some differences in style I am quite happy of having found them and being able to train at their dojo.