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Grognardia is James Maliszewski's blog devoted to memories and musings about roleplaying games as well as articles about the history of the hobby from its earliest beginnings to the present day.
James is decidedly in the "old school" camp (preferring, for example, AD&D in its pre-reboot editions), Classic Traveller, Gamma World and so on.
While my tastes are a bit different we are still from the same "generation" of Roleplayers, and so I can't get enough of his posts...
Unfortunately James has suspended any update to the site since December 2012. I still visit the place at random intervals hoping he changed his mind - and I think it is still a worthy inspiration even in its current form.

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RPG.Stackexchange is the Stackexchange site devoted to Role Playing Game. The community is a bit small, and - at least at the moment - most of the Q&A tend to be about the latest versions of D&D. Despite this, you can count that most questions will be give you pretty good answers, or at least some new ideas you probably didn't consider or know about.

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Battlegrounds Games provide a client-server system to play RPGs and Wargames over internet. Apart from the software itself, which I personally haven't tried (yet?), they maintain a neat comparison page to give you an idea of what the options are if you decide to try moving your tabletop experience to an online version.

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Sophia Brandt's guide to solitary gaming resources.

Interesting, system agnostic posts