A little gallery showing ShoDo highlights for 2023
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Shodo session with Juju - I cast I-Ching for the theme and got:

40:  (deliverance)
既濟 (after completion)

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接吻 - Kiss
on White Rag paper from Khadi papers

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Easter post for Instagram…
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Workshop at the Friedrichsmoor Töpfermarkt

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Preparing my entry for the 51st International Calligraphy Exhibition in Tokyo.

Once again, I used I-Ching:
損 (Decrease)

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ShoDo practice with @juju_sosekido

温風至” - "Warm winds blow" - one of the 72 micro-seasons (July)
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Same as previous one
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My work (on the left) on exhibit at 51st International Calligraphy Exhibition in Tokyo.



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On the second weekend of September I joined Juju to try our collective hands to some 墨流し (paper marbling).

A couple of weeks later I used some of the resulting papers as a basis for calligraphies
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"Winter Sea" - inspired by a nostalgic Italian song
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Winter Moon
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"Winter Sea"
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"Winter Sea"

Juju's Shodo Workshop: Balance


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This was written during the workshop but was just a little gift for Kanaan - because I dined there the night before…
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Our works on display

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Nawashi (Rope Master) a little gift for Felix

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Tiger (Zodiac Sign) - a present for a friend who was born on the Tiger Year

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Dragon (Zodiac)
This was part of the New Year's preparations…

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Traditional New Year's Greetings for 2024 (Year of the Wooden Dragon)