"A large degree of determination"
My ShoDo practice is mostly based on meeting my teacher (on average a couple hours every weekend) and practice together with her.
The various examples/homework are taken from a booklet printed every month by instructors in the Akitsu-kai school (秋津書道会). Each booklet includes exercise for different levels/ranks and that also reports the results of the previous month works (my teacher sends her students' works to Japan for examination).

Every work is assessed and can also gain you a promotion to the next Kyu. And in some cases, you also get a picture of your writing and a short comment from the school examiners.
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September 2012

My work was featured in this month's newsletter, along with the following assessment:

"Koumi Paolo ~

[The work exhibits] strong, lithe lines with [brush strokes] that pierce [satisfactorily] through to the end of the stroke. This is a composition of merit with expressive [brush strokes] that show a large degree of determination. The strokes do betray a little stiffness at the turning points. [Thus] I believe that the level of achievement would increase still further if more suppleness and flexibility were to be added [to the strokes].

Translation provided by "One Hour Translation"

"Koumi" (lit. "small sea") is my "nome de plume" - it's the orange-coloured kanji you can see on the upper left corner of the cover - my teacher marks each newsletter with our names before giving us our copy.

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One of the "last month's results" page. The comment and the picture of my work have been marked with a small circle by my teacher.
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The work I submitted (original size was 140 cm.)