2016 in Shodo

A little gallery showing ShoDo highlights for 2016
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January - Birthday present for a friend (who had run as a gentleman rider in his youth)
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February - What the Oracle suggested…
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February - A colleague commissioned a gift for a friend who had just passed his lawyer’s exam.
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March - individual lesson in Kyoto
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March - Uniqlo Shodo T-shirts
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A nice gift from a colleague (his father-in-law brought this from China because he was somehow impressed by finding out that there is a western guy in Rostock practicing calligraphy…)
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Kaz in Hamburg (May 2016)
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September - I have started “regular” Shodo lessons in my Aikido dojo
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September - “
Double Happiness” for a colleague’s marriage.
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Kaz in Berlin (October 2016)
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Happy Birthday card
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December - 2017 calendars ready to be distributed as gifts
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November - “100 poems for 100 poets” exhibition in Berlin
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December - preparation work to send to International Calligraphy Association in Japan
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December - Year of the Rooster Shikiahi