2015 in Shodo

A little gallery showing ShoDo highlights for 2015
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May, in Hamburg: Advanced Calligraphy Workshop with Kazuaki Takahashi.
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Augural scroll for a colleague’s marriage (June)
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August: preliminary work for 2016 calendars
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September: a small ShoDo workshop in the Rostock Dojo
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Berlin, October - conference by Kazuaki Takahashi
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A congratulation scroll for the dojo main teacher’s Yondan exam
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October: a commissioned work for a colleague
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Berlin, October: Advanced Calligraphy Workshop with Kazuaki Takahashi.
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40 years of practice: a gift for an Aikido friend in Italy
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Tens of New Year’s cards for friends and colleagues
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December: working on the actual calendars for 2016
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December - preparing the electronic “card” for Xmas greetings
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Electronic version of a “Happy Birthday” card - Kanjii was done with a fude pen, then photographed and post-processed on iPhone
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Shodo-enriched Xmas gift packages
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A Calendar ready to be delivered (paper comes from a special set of wrapping papers printed with traditional Kimono patterns)
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2016 will be Year of the Monkey