Traditionally Shodo is done by writing on paper set over a table directly in front of you, so the paper (or the surface you write on, whatever it is made of) is set on a horizontal plane, and you write by keeping the brush mostly vertical, perpendicular to the paper.

You are also more "free" to make mistakes, at least if you write on paper, because you can do as many attempts as you want, and select the best one - or at least this is how I work usually.

Writing on walls is therefore much more challenging, because most of the things you take for granted don't apply anymore...

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(May 2012)

One of my Aikido companions owns a barber shop, and he asked me to write something in three blank spaces he had left apart (on purpose) when the shop was renewed.

After a bit of brainstorming he selected Fire, Earth and Wind (I offered an ample selection, including, predictably, more barber-oriented kanji like

Just to make things more fun, I discovered that the areas I was supposed to work on were set up above the mirrors, and therefore I would need a ladder just to get there.

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