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Shining Blossom
Sep. 2009)

This was just an improptu "job" based on a friend's nick. Executed on the back of a business card using a brush pen - The "hanko" is actually a small scribbling made with a red felt tip.
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New Year's Greetings
Dec 2009)

Written on normal watercolor paper (not washi). The coloured "frame" is just a piece of paper I placed on the scanner's bed, but it's not part of the actual work.
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Ritsu-Mei [Peace of Mind]
(June 2010)
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New Year's Greetings
Dec 2010)

Precisely the same method employed for the previous year's greetings
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(Apr 2011)

This one was a bit complicated. It's an augural work for a friend's child (Felice would be "
Happy" in Italian, and in Germany it is used as a woman name, apparently).

The writing is in Chinese and means "
Joyful Girl" - I usually work with the traditional black ink only, but in this case I tried to "match" similar works made in the past for the other two children by someone else... I used special pens for the actual calligraphy while the extra stuff you can see around the ideograms are paper decorations I glued to the paper.

I will probably experiment more with colour in the future, but I doubt I will try to repeat the same endeavour unless it's specifically requested by someone.
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(Jun 2011)

The writing is "Barbarian Woman" (i.e. Barbara, at least in Italian). It was realized as a standard calligraphy first, then photographed, cropped, some changes were made to color tones, and finally sent to
eshirt for printing on a t-shirt.

Painting directly on the fabric is
obviously possible, but requires special paints (which I suppose would, in turn, require dedicated brushes) and will probably require a much longer process before perfecting the technique.
Haru Kitty
(July 2011)

Same process as the one shown in Barbara.
This time I used a normal paper sheet (pure white is considered transparent when printing on the fabric). I draw the image with an actual brush, using ShoDo and watercolors inks, then applied the sigil.
The writing under the picture is "Haru Kitty", i.e. "Hallo Kitty" in Japanese.
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New Year's Greetings
Dec 2011)

This was written (with
Fude-pen) on a sheet of paper taken from a Nepalese notebook.

This had the interesting characteristic of having small little printings on the upper right side, repeating for a group of pages.

I choose one representing a Dragon, considering that 2012 is the Year of the Dragon.
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New Year's Greetings
Dec 2013)

Inspired by a work from a calligrapher/sumi-e artist I saw in Japan, I have decided to experiment more with white-on-black.

This is "horse" (2013 is the year of the horse) and was made using water-based acrylic paint on black paper.