ShoDo on fabric offers completely new challenges.

My first attempt was on simple light beige cotton fabric, and I soon discovered that normal ink and brush require going over and over the same line before leaving enough of a trace to be readable. On the other hand, once it gets on, it looks good, if a bit fuzzy, and seems to stay on well enough.
I thought it could be due to some industrial starches used on linens, but even washing it before painting didn't change the result.

Smooth Sailing
Mar. 2010)

A present for a couple of fellow Aikidokas who will soon get married.

It's a Chinese augural formula (literally "one smooth sail voyage") which is traditionally said to someone who starts a new phase of their life, be it a new job, new home, any kind of endeavour: it wishes for a quiet and placid outcome.

It is not a Japanese traditional sentence, but my teacher vetted it and says it would be considered appropriate in Japan, too.