I dabble in Sumi-e, too - but I don't have any proper training in it, so at best I use some traditional painting motifs or elements to enhance calligraphy works.

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Ko-neko (Kitten)
(Jun 2010)

This one was actually based on a little "trick". While the actual calligraphy was made by hand, the cat was printed on a plain white sheet using a laser printer, and the washi paper with the calligraphy was glued over it - washi being semi-transparent, the effect looks nice enough.

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When two people
(Jun 2011)

This one was commissioned by a friend for a gift to her mother.

The writing is taken from the I-Ching and goes, more or less, like this:

... when two people understand each other
in their inmost hearts,
their words are sweet and strong,
like the fragrance of orchids.

Approximately 9x40 cm.
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A detail just of the picture - my attempt to render a classic Orchid.

I used Cotman watercolors - so far I have been unable to work with proper Japanese or Chinese colors.