Chasing Rainbows (Hamburg 2012)
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Consulting for Aida means I get to travel to Northern Germany on a regular basis. I have therefore decided to take advantage of the situation and explore the area a bit as, you know, a tourist…

Partially inspired by a nice article "what to see in Hamburg in 48 hours" (Italian only, sorry), I therefore made my arrangements to spend the weekend (4-5 August) in Hamburg. On retrospective this was not a very good idea, but on the other hand, the dates for my travel depends on project deadlines more than my own touristic expeditions.

Anyway, when I picked the date I was ignoring two facts.
First of all the designated weekend was the culmination of CSD in Hamburg. This would not have been much of a problem, per se, but finding a cheap room close to the main station suddenly became much more difficult.
The other problem is that apparently on the same weekend Germany celebrates their "Shietwettertag" and this, in turn, made staying out of my hotel room equally difficult.
Anyway, I tried to get the most from the situation (gay parade under rainy weather) and unilaterally decided that the theme for the weekend would be "chasing rainbows".

  • Sprachberatung Deutsch: Annette Pohlke, M.A.
  • Travel advice and suggestions: Sara Magro
  • "Just look at the rainbow!": unnamed German lady in the street.

Here are what I managed to capture in pics:
Walking around in Hamburg
This is the result of walking all over the centre on Friday evening and for most of Saturday (with a couple of stops to replace rain soaked stuff 362).
It ends with a couple of pics of the so-called "red lights district" (Reeperbahn). Unfortunately the locals object pretty firmly to people taking pics so I had to quit my reportage almost immediately.

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Not exactly gargoyles, but a selection of wall decorations (plus a few statues, fountains and other assorted architectural elements that struck my fancy while walking around)

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Miniatur Wunderland
Located in a historical warehouse district on the Elbe river, not far from the Town Hall, this is considered the largest model railway in the world. You can learn a lot more over their dedicated site - and I am afraid that my pics really don't give enough credit to the place.

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"Im Jahr des Drachen"
During my wanderings crisscrossing the centre I found a group of stalls dedicated to Chinese goods. Food, jewels, clothes… right in front of the Town Hall.
This was just the "Faire" element of a bi-annual event held in Hamburg since 2006.
Again, the pictures have been taken at different times.

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Christopher Street Day
I am not well equipped (in skills and actual camera) to deal with public events. CSD gets a particularly bad coverage because I didn't really prepare for it, so I missed most of the parade (which I basically tried to reconnect with by tailing the last parts of it… just before it started raining hard, that is…).

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Schòˆnes Leben Cafe
Located in the same warehouse district as the Miniatur Wunderland, this Restaurant/Cafè is incredibly nice in terms of decor and ambience. The staff was extremely kind and let me visit the whole place and take pics before sitting for a really nice lunch.
Extremely recommended if you are in the area.
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