Hungaricum 2012 (Budapest)
Another ten-days vacation in Budapest. Pretty good weather, great food (and drink) and fantastic company.

Highlights of this vacation were, in no particular order:
  • A 45 km. boat trip on the Danube, from Budapest to Esztergom. Here we visited the Basilica, and the (now restored) castle/fort close to it.
  • A visit to the Erzsébet Belvedere - built on the hills above Buda.
  • In order to get there we opted for the so-called "Children's Railway" - a small line completely manned by children (except the job of actually driving the train). You can take this as an elective during your school years.
  • "Édes Napok" - literally "Sweet Days", it's a 4 days event celebrating sweets, pastry, and chocolate in the Castle of Buda.
  • A concert by Illényi Katica in Szent Mihály church.


A few pictures of the actual boat trip and from the town proper, but most of these were taken at the Basilica (the biggest church in Hungary) and inside the old castle.

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Children's Railway and the Belvedere

Plenty of wind at the top, so my attempt of taking one of those panorama pics failed miserably. But it was a great excursion anyway!

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Sweet Days

Apart from chocolates, most of the stalls were selling traditional Hungarian pastries… which are gorgeous, but unfortunately can't stand a trip back home (it's mostly cream, whipped cream, or cream with whipped cream on top).
I can also testify that Hungary can produce nice ice cream, too - with exotic tastes like poppy seeds.

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Food and Drink

As usual, plenty of terrifyingly good stuff (and keep in mind that I am a Vegetarian!) - I ate, drank (and sometimes just drank - mostly Pálinka) in upscale places and in "blue collar" diners and the results were always fantastic.

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Pictures taken while walking in Budapest during the day. Includes a few pics taken in the spectacular New York Cafè, a few from the Margaret Island park and some from the Keleti station.

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And these are the nightly pics. Apart from moving around to get to restaurants and so on, I took a three hours walk on the two sides of the Danube at night.
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