Hanse Sail (Rostock - August 2015)
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Hanse Sail is probably the main public event in Rostock - I was already living here when it held place in 2014, but I somehow managed to miss it (being back to Italy on the same weekend).

This time not only I was there, but Pietro and his family joined me for a two-days sail extravaganza that culminated on a river/sea trip on the Fritjof Nansen.

This was, at least for me, the real highlight of the whole show. The main attraction after all is to be able to set foot (and possibly have a short trip) on one of the many vessels on display, including German military Navy ones.

There are also, of course, plenty of other attractions like souvenirs, street food vendors and so on, but what really makes the difference is being able to get on a ship (especially sail or even steam) and actually “set sail” to the open sea.

Special thanks to Pietro who not only booked the cruise for me, but was careful to find one that would allow us to see the sunset on the sea - it was gorgeous: you can see some of the pictures in the gallery.

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