Gyor-y days
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One more trip to Hungary. This time I went to Wien by plane, then rented a car.

My destination was Győr - the sixth largest city in Hungary, conveniently located a little over 100 km from Wien Airport (it was considered "The Gate to Wien" in ancient times).

Győr (in German: Raab; in Latin: Arrabona) is set at the intersection of three rivers (Danube, Rába and Rábca) amidst a largely flat countryside.

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In the end I spent only a few hours in Austria, mostly dealing with car rental, airport stuff etc.

But I am glad to report that I managed to at least get a slice of Sacher while doing all this…

Apart from frequent walks in the central part of the city, I enjoyed a short river tour over a sort of motorized raft, a visit to Héderváry Castle (which has been transformed in an "hotel de charme", complete with a very nice restaurant and gardens).

My personal preference, at least when I visit Hungary, is to look for an apartment to rent instead of sleeping in a Hotel.

Győr is much smaller than Budapest, but I was lucky enough to find a very nice place, quiet, cozy and no more than 10 minutes from the centre of town (walking).

While I tasted plenty of local dishes and wines, oddly enough the one thing I took back (in terms of food and drink discoveries, I mean) is something absolutely not related to Hungary itself…

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