Fashionably Late (Munich 2012)
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As mentioned already elsewhere, I am currently working for Aida Cruises. They (well, more specifically Mr. T. - who I'd like to publicly thank here) was so kind as to provide me with two tickets for Aida Nights of the Proms in Munich.

This played well with my plan to take advantage of my frequent trips to Germany to visit some of the main cities there, so I made my plan to take a couple days off (the actual concert was on Dec. 14th) in order to get to Munich and have a look around.

In the end I had a full day for myself in Munich and I decided to have a walk around the city, spend some time in the Duetsche Museum and take the chance to practice a bit of Shodo together with Nobuko Häufle-Yasuda Sensei, who kindly accommodated me for a private lesson in her study.

On the same day I also managed to go to the Deutsche Museum. I visited already when I was maybe 12, so I knew that a proper visit would require, at least a full day.
Unfortunately I couldn't fit this with my schedule, because I really wanted to practice Shodo, and have a look around. Therefore I finally just had a "quickie" visit, maybe two hours.
Therefore I basically picked just three areas I was more interested in (technical toys, computer science and paper processing) and zoomed from one to the other.

And then, on the night of the 14th, the actual concert. Getting there was a bit of a odyssey, due to lack of experience in navigating the area of the former olympic village (and also thanks to my tardiness in leaving the nice restaurant I was in) - in the end I arrived 5 minutes after the official start.
I expected this would not be a big deal, but of course in Germany everything is always perfectly on time, so everyone was already sitting and the show was already going on.
Luckily, even if the place was more or less full, the row I had my seats in had one of the few gaps in the audience, so I didn't create much of an inconvenience.

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