Easter in Budapest
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April 2012 - despite the title, Easter was the last of my motives in coming here over the Easter Weekend…

As explained elsewhere, my main "reason" was to take part in a ShoDo workshop held in Budapest Botanical Gardens.

(see here for more details)

But there was were also less blatant reasons to go there, of course. People to meet, places to visit or re-visit, the food (and drink…).

On the right, a typical Magyar decoration for Easter: an emptied egg painstakingly "embroidered" with minuscule wax droplets
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Notable Places

  • Litea Bookstore - recently opened in the Fortuna courtyard, this bookshop/tea house stocks a wide range of books on Hungary, CDs, cards, maps, and other quality souvenirs from Hungarian culture. Here is a small series of pics I took in there…
  • Bogi's Apartment - I prefer to rent an apartment when possible. So far this was my best find in terms of comfort and atmosphere, will still being quite affordable, and located at walking distance from the center. Definitely recommended!
  • Budapest Botanical Gardens - a small gallery of the pics I took while in there.
  • Various tea rooms and restaurants … including the very nice Bor & Labor.
  • And a very special mention goes to the Irish Cat Pub

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