Catalan Enclave (Alghero - Spring 2015)
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In the last few years I have tried to travel to some place for my birthday.

Usually I plan with this with a large advance, but this time I decided quite late. My first idea was to go to Thira but I was worried about the increasingly complicated standoff between Greek government and the so-called Troika.
On top of that I had very few days available (I had to be in Berlin by May 1st to take part in a Daito-Ryu Aikijujitsu seminar) and so I risked spending most of the time in some airport, either on my way to the island or back.

My preferred way to move forward when I feel somehow dubious about a decision is to consult 易經 (yes, I know - will explain this a bit better in some other part of the site). So this is what I did, in the end.

I got 28->39 (Preponderance of the Great becoming Obstruction).
Among the rest, it says “The Southwest furthers”. So I quickly started to look for places (to the Southwest of where I am currently staying, i.e. Rostock) and decided to go to Alghero (via Berlin, where I would stop on my way back to go to the aforementioned seminar).

Even with this, I really had very little time available - no more than 2 and half days (my plane back left at 6am).

I spent most time outside walking around the town and taking pics (and still found time to practice a bit of Aikido) and devoted another half day to visit the famous Grotta di Nettuno.

You can find the gallery here.