Berlin - Real Life
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Aug. 2-4, 2013

I have once again used on of my business trips to Germany to get the opportunity and pay a short visit to one of the local cities.

After Hamburg and Munich it was now the turn of Berlin. I didn't have lots of time, actually (I arrived on Friday around noon, and my plane back was on Sunday, more or less at the same time) - I didn't visit lots of the city, and the places I saw were chosen in a more or less random way.

But the real reason for not having much time as a tourist was that I had already planned to meet two people in here, so the logistics were mostly tied up by having to get to a specific place at a specific time.

The first (in time, at least) meeting was with Madame Juju, who kindly provided me with a private ShoDo lesson.

The other one to meet A. - we have known each other since… hmmm… 2005, I believe, but only through electronic channels, and this was our very first meeting in "Real Life".

We shared a delightful morning chatting and visiting the Museum of Oriental Arts together.

You can see the pictures on Google+ (a solution I am experimenting with in order to make site updates easier for me).