Aida Blu
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I am currently working as a consultant for Aida, a German cruise company located in Rostock (which I suppose explains the disproportionate numbers of Rostock pics I publish here and elsewhere).

On the May of 2012 we finally managed to find an appropriate date to visit one of their ships (Aida Blu) while she was stopping in Warnemünde, i.e. close enough to reach the port by car in a few minutes.

Aida Blu is a specimen of the Sphinx class (the latest Aida's line) and sports the distinctive glass "Theatrium" - a main activity centre on the ship, combining entertainment venues, theatres and bars, and equipped with a large stage system.
Theatrium occupies a total floor area of 3,000m² and spreads over three decks.
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AIDAblu was delivered in January 2010 and offers a 50% larger deck space compared to previous Aida ships in service. The ship design is based on the informal club resort cruise concept of AIDA Cruises and is especially focused on the German market.

The 71,100t ship has an overall length of 252m and a breadth of 32.2m. It has 1,087 cabins to accommodate 2,050 passengers and 600 crew members. The ship can sail at a speed of over 22 knots.
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So I spent a pleasant afternoon on the moored ship along with a group of colleagues (and ex colleagues) who graciously showed us around the ship, including a brief tour of the luxurious wellness mini suite.

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