Sakura Action Day - 2011
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On May 22nd 2011 the Sakura Association organized a whole-day event to raise funds for the Japan eathquake disaster...

Apart from members of Sakura itself, there were plenty of people from other associations, some Japanese people in living in Turin, various dojos.

Among the other things we had Go lessons, Bonsai, Kimonos/Yukatas, Martial Arts schools (I am probably forgetting some, but we had Naginata, Karate, Aikido, Jodo, Jujitsu, Kendo, Iaido...), "street food", various Japanese goods and books about Japan arts and culture, Japanese music, Sumi-E and Calligraphy.

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Here is video with pictures from the same initiative - I show up, briefly, at around 2:11.

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Regarding Calligraphy, in particular, I had the honor to help my teacher, Hiraoka Kazuko, with her ShoDo demonstration.

I wrote the first two characters of 独坐対雄剣
“Dokuza Yuuken” - "Sitting alone in front of the great sword" - a sentence by Yamaoka Tesshū).
Kazuko-San wrote the last two, and then she went on by writing:

大海を隔ててここに語らいし、美しき日よ 久遠に生きよ。(柳田白蓮の和歌)
He crossed the ocean to come and talk to me. This great moment is endless" - Poetry by Yanagihara Byakuren.

Here are a few pics of our presentation (with special thanks to Franco for his patience and skill).