During the May-July period of 2010 Carmagnola hosted the "Geisha & Samurai - lo specchio di una civiltà" (Geisha and Samurai - a civilization mirror)
- an exhibitions of Japanese arts, mostly prints and scrolls. The artworks on display came all from a private collection and have been selected and commented by the owner/manager of Setsu Bun - an exclusive bookstore specializing Far East art and books.

I was indeed so lucky to meet the person who organized the whole display during my visit and he was so kind to explain to me most of the pieces on display, and allowed me to take a few pics.
Here you can have a look at the results

Setsu-Bun (節分 - literally "season split", indicating the ceremony held during the nights of seasonal change) is a cozy bookstore located in the central part of Turin. I strongly recommend a visit if you have any interest in any Japanese artistic form.

While the bookstore has no website, at least at the moment, you can click on the image to get some more information about it - or check my own page on it.