Steel Castle

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Burg Stahleck

September 16th, 2011

I had the luck - and the privilege - to take part in an Aikido seminar held by Patricia Hendricks Sensei in Burg Stahleck, right over Bacharach, in the Rhine region.

This is an annual event impeccably organized by Jirka Dell'Oro-Friedl Sensei with help from the kyus and dans of Aiki-Akademie.
Not only you get to learn directly from one of the great Uchideshi of Saito Sensei himself, but you can do that in a striking place right in the middle of the Rhine Valley, in a nice, friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere.
We were also quite lucky in terms of weather: buki-waza training is traditionally held in the castle court, and we managed to avoid rain (even if a couple times it was really a close call).

I am very happy to have managed to attend (despite the twelve hours drive on the day before), and I look forward to meet everyone again, next year

Click here to see some pics from the whole event.